Hi Shalom :)
My name is Nimrod, and I am an Israeli Animator, Cartoonist and Film Director.
Since i was a kid, all i've wanted was to tell stories - and i spent most of my life learning tools to do exactly that, but in better, more varied and interesting ways, so i could tell my own stories - and help you tell yours.

I have recently graduated from The Department of Screen-Based Arts at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, studying Animation (with an emphasis on Stop-motion).

Apart from my artistic endeavors, i am an advocate for Autism awareness - i am myself on the autism spectrum, and i have worked from within the community by teaching Kids and Teenagers on the autism spectrum cartooning, and speaking to parents - and from outside, raising awareness by speaking publicly and explaining how it is to be a high-functioning, integrated adult on the spectrum.

Mail: nimibro505@gmail.com
Instagram: nimrod.havilio
Facebook: Nimrod Havilio
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